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In 2004, Sehajpal Singh Educational and Welfare Society, under the presidentship of Sh. Surajpal Singh, established the school.

The foundation stone was laid by Sh. Surajpal Singh in a pristine and pollution free land area of 22 acres. 


The school commenced operations under the aegis of Mr. Gurpal Singh Bhatti who was driven by the will to provide value based education. The idea of the venture originated, much earlier  in his life, while he sat as a young boy, in a school debate argumenting on the topic of Corruption in Society. He immediately decided to create a place where children are guided on the path of rectitude and righteous living. His predeliction and strong sentiment to create a better world for youngsters shaped into the school. 


The school started with 50 students, 5 teachers and an insurmountable will to provide quality education. The Soulian family has grown ever since its inception in multiplex ways.

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